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Winnipeg East Female Hockey actively encourages our coaches to communicate with each other and share drills, ice-times, planning, and resources. The TEAM (Together Everyone Accomplishes More) saying is certainly true in hockey and with coaching.

If you are new to coaching ask other coaches to come out and help with your first few practices. Go watch practices, talk drills with other coaches, ask questions, ask your players if they liked a new drill, what worked and what didn't, and learn what makes a good practice. If you are a seasoned coach offer to help, go watch practices, learn new things and be a mentor.

Our goal should always be to provide our female players the opportunity to learn the game, have fun, and excel in an environment that they feel comfortable in. As coaches, we play a major role in player development. The more we can learn and teach, the better we all become.

Important to Read:

A Coach's Guide to Developing Self-Esteem.pdf (252 KB)

Hockey Canada and Hockey Manitoba

  • Hockey Canada Network -
    This is replacing Hockey Canada's printed manuals. If you only use one resource, even at $50 per season, this is the best one you can get. It provides straight practice plans from Novice to Midget, just as the development manuals did. If you do nothing but follow along a season plan, your team will benefit and improve. There is also a huge selection of drills to work on different aspects of the game, including written explanations as well as video demonstrations of most drills. These drills let you build you own practice plans based on your needs if you choose not to follow the season development plans or are looking to build a specific practice.
  • Hockey Canada's Drill Hub
    A free (behind registration) resource for coaches. A large respository of Hockey Canada approved drills, with video and written explanations of the drills. Find individual sills to work on in practice or team concepts.
  • Hockey Manitoba Coaches
    You can find clinics, certifcation and more here. Of special interest is the resource area - which includes some templates for practice planning, and options to purchase printed manuals from Hockey Canada for Novice through Midget development, as well as other training materials.
  • Hockey Canada Youtube - has skills of gold and other training videos available.
  • Hockey USA Youtube - has tons of stuff and is well organized.

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