Winnipeg East Female Hockey

Why SBMHA Timbit and younger aged Seals have early bird discount and Stars/Saints do not

As some of you have already heard, SBMHA has decided to implement an early bird discount for the younger ages, which does not include those players choosing to play female hockey in Winnipeg East. This is to encourage players at their younger ages (especially Timbits and Novice Seals) to register early to help with planning. The Timbits/Seals numbers are significant and their convenors are hoping this incentive helps them to be able to plan earlier and more effectively.

Stars/Saints encompass players from 2 associations: SBMHA (St. Boniface) and TMHA (Transcona). We operate with our own board independently, but with support from both programs. This allows us to make the best decisions for female hockey in our areas. It does however complicate things like registration as we need to take into consideration costs from both areas and we try to make sure all players are paying comparable registration fees.

We apologize that the initial email did not specify for SBMHA only programs and that this may have caused some confusion.

As always, we are happy to answer any questions you may have.

Teri Moffatt 

WEFH Chair