Winnipeg East Female Hockey

Coaching within Winnipeg East Female Hockey

Winnipeg East Female Hockey (WEFH) understands that hockey in Canada depends on volunteers. Without volunteers, no one gets to play. We also understand the time commitment that coaching requires and appreciate all of our coaches who step up and help ensure our players have teams to play on.

For those of you that might be thinking of coaching, are you:

  • excited to put your skates on every time?
  • enthusiastic about teaching?
  • in love with the game of hockey?
  • looking forward to the next time you get to go to the rink because it is one of your favourite things?
  • getting emotional while watching the Zamboni clean the ice as you think of the possibilities?
  • looking forward to the new season of hockey gear like a kid at Christmas?
  • capable of drawing on a whiteboard while keeping dozens of players from wandering off?
  • watching a practice or game right now and thinking to yourself that you could do better?

If you answered yes to any of the above, we really encourage you to consider coaching. Please fill out a coach application as we would love to hear from you.